Mourinho: Valencia will have a good season for us.

3. The Champions League is very important for us, too.
We are very happy with the progress of the team and the level of the results. We are confident about the season ahead.

Valencia is a team that is ready to fight for the title. We can count on it. The players have already shown themselves in the domestic arena, so we can expect a lot from them.
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Live Results of La Liga Matches
The start of the new season of La liga is already very interesting. The teams have already met in the Champions League, so it’s time to see who will win the title of the strongest club tournament in the world.
The first matches of the season have already demonstrated that the main rival of Barcelona is Valencia. The Catalans have already managed to win the first match of the tournament, but the team of Julen Lopetegui is ready for any challenge.
In the second match, the team was defeated by Real, but it”s not the end of the fight for gold medals. The team of Lopetegi has a good chance to win gold medals again, so the fans can expect the following matches:
* against Granada;
* the match against Real Madrid;

It’ll be really interesting to watch the fight between the teams, because the Catalans are the main contenders for the victory.
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The second match of La Liguilla between Granada and Valencia was quite tense. The first half of the game was quite successful for the Catalons, but in the second half, the game turned into a rout. The game was won by Granada, which was the main contender for the gold medals of the Champions league.
However, the Catalonians are still the main favorites of the championship. The main rival for the first place is Barcelona, but we can’t forget about Real Madrid and Atletico.
If we talk about the main rivals of the Catalones, then we should also mention:
· “Real”;
· “Barcelona”.
“Real Madrid” is still the best team in the EPL, but “Valencia” has already shown that it is ready and able to fight against the main team of the world, which is “Atletico”, in the fight of the champion title.
There are no less than 6 matches left until the end, so there is still a lot of fight left. We’ve already seen how the Catalonian team will play in the remaining matches. The fans can see the results on fScore.
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The season of the EFL Cup is in full swing, and we’re talking about the fight with the “Liverpool” team for the champion’ title. The fight for this title is very interesting, because it“s the first time that the teams of the Premier League are fighting for the same title.”
The fight for champion title is also very important, because in the next season, the teams will play for the European Cup. The EFL cup is a great opportunity to show your skills in the national championship.
This season, there are only two teams that can win the champion trophy:
1. “Manchester City” – the team has a great lineup and is able to play against any opponent.
2. ”Liverpool“ – the main competitor of the ”City” in the Premier league is ”Manchester United” and the team is also able to beat the ‘citizens’.
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The team of Jurgen Klopp has already won the Epl Cup, so now it is time to fight with “LFC” for the championship title. Liverpool has a very good lineup, which can surprise the opponent. The squad of Jürgen Klopp is very strong and is ready not only to win, but also to fight to the end.
At the moment, the fight is not over yet, because there are still matches left. The results of Liverpool’ scores can be seen on the sports statistics website. It’d be nice to see the fight against “City’, because this team is the main favorite of the English Premier league. The Liverpool team is ready, and the fans should not miss the results from the team on the platform of sports data.
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Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the current season of EPL is the fight to get into the Champions club tournament. The season has already ended, but there are many interesting fights that will be held in the future.
One of the main intrigues is the battle for the places in the Europa League zone.

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