Neymar ‘trying to leave PSG’

Real Madrid and Barcelona are the main contenders for the title. But the French team also has a chance to win.
The PSG president, Thomas Tuchel, has repeatedly said that the team needs to improve its results in order to be considered a real contender for the Champions League.
However, Neymar’s transfer to PSG has become a real problem for the Blau Granas. The Brazilian has not yet played for the club, but the team management is trying to find a solution to the problem.
Ney Marios’ transfer to the Parisians has become an obstacle for the team, but it is still possible to find out whether the transfer will be successful or not.

The Brazilian’s transfer was not the only one that the Blaus have had to deal with recently.
In August, the club bought the goalkeeper, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, from Lyon.
Tuchel has repeatedly stated that the club needs to strengthen its defense, and this transfer was a good start.
But the club is not the first to be criticized for the lack of transfers.
Last summer, the Blues were one of the main favorites for the champion title, but they lost to Barcelona in the final match.
This is another reason why the club management has to find solutions to the problems that it faces.
Will Neymar leave PS?
The transfer of Neymar to PS G has become another obstacle for Thomas Tuchele’s team.
It is not clear whether the club will be able to find an alternative to the Brazilian.
If Neymar leaves, the team will have to find another solution to its problems.
Of course, the transfer of the Brazilian is not a new problem for Tuche.
He has already had to face this problem, and the club was forced to sell Neymar.
At the time, the cost of the transfer was about 100 million euros.
Now, the price of the player has increased, and it is now around 200 million euros, which is a lot.
Despite this, the player will not be able solve the problems of the Blus.
One of the reasons for this is the fact that the player is still too young.
Moreover, the PSG management has already said that it will not pay the transfer fee for the player.
So, the chances of Neymer leaving the club are quite low.
Another problem for PSG is the lack in resources.
Thomas Tucheles team has a lot of talented players, but this does not help the club to compete against the main rivals.
Real and Barcelona have a lot more resources, so they can always find a way to win the championship.
PSG will have a tough time trying to win a trophy, but there is still a chance that the French club can win the Champions league.
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