Report: Manchester United make second approach for Alvaro Morata – but Real Madrid want €90 million cash.

The situation in the transfer market has become quite complicated, and it is not easy to make a decision. The Red Devils have already made a second approach, and the latest information is that the club will be able to pay the price of a little more than the €90M.
However, the Spanish giants are ready to pay even more, and Real Madrid are ready too. The Madrid team is ready to spend over 100 million euros, and they are willing to pay at least 100 million for the acquisition of Morata.

The Spanish giants have already spent a lot on the transfer of Alexis Sanchez, and now they want to make another step forward. The Chilean has been playing for the team for a long time, and he has already managed to score a few goals.
Real Madrid is ready too to spend a lot of money on the acquisition, and Morata is one of the main candidates for the new signing. The player has already scored a few important goals for the club, and his performance is very good.
It is worth noting that the player is considered to be one of Real Madrid’s main assets, and this is why the club is ready for any transfer.
Manchester United make another approach for Morata
The latest information about the transfer campaign of Manchester United is quite interesting. The club has already made two approaches, and both of them were unsuccessful.
Firstly, the Red Devils made an approach for the transfer for the player of Alexis Sánchez, who is considered by many to be the main transfer candidate of the club. However, the club failed to reach an agreement with the player, and there are still no details about the price.
In the second approach of the season, the team made an offer for Moratto, and after a long period of negotiations, the price was set at €90million. The Spanish giants were ready to buy the player for 100 million, but the club did not want to pay that amount.
This is why they made an additional approach for him. The main condition for the offer was that the price should not exceed 100 million. The offer was rejected, and so far the club has not managed to make the transfer. However the player himself is not going to leave the club and return to Alexis Sáñez.
At the moment, the main thing is to see how the season will develop, because the club needs to strengthen its position in the standings. The team has already lost a lot, and a new transfer campaign is quite possible.
Main transfer news of the day
The main transfer news in the world of the English Premier League is the signing of young Spanish goalkeeper, Marc-Andre ter Stegen. The goalkeeper was the first choice of the Red devils in the previous season, but he was injured, and at the beginning of the current campaign he was replaced by the young goalkeeper from the French team, Eden Hazard.
Ter Stegens arrival is a good news for the goalkeeper position of the team, because it will allow the team to strengthen the position in front of the goal.
Also, the English football fans are interested in the signing by the club of the young midfielder, James Maddison. The young player has been in the team since the beginning, and already in the first rounds he managed to get into the starting lineup.
There is a lot to be said about the new signings, and we will see how they will affect the team in the future.
New transfers of the EPL
The new season of the Premier League has started, and in the English championship, the teams have already managed a lot. The first rounds of the championship have already shown a lot and a lot has been won.
Of course, the first matches of the new season are not very interesting, but it is still possible to watch the matches of this championship.
Among the main transfers of this season, we can highlight the signing in the club by the goalkeeper, the young Spanish player, Eden Heiting, and also the signing the young French player, James Milner.
Milner has already shown his potential, and although he is still young, he is already a good goalkeeper. The signing of Heiting is another good news, because he is a young goalkeeper who is ready and able to become a good player.
Another good news is the transfer to the club from the Spanish La Liga, the signing to the team of the Spanish midfielder, Marcelo. The transfer is a great opportunity for the coach, and for the fans, too.
All the latest news from the English Championship
The English Championship has started already, and among the main changes of the teams are the transfers.
First of all, we should note the signing, by the team from the Championship, of the goalkeeper Marc-André Ter Stegenne. The new goalkeeper is a strong young goalkeeper, who has already won a lot in the championship, and who will help the team achieve the desired result.
As for the young player, it is Eden Hazard, who will become a main player of the French national team. The Frenchman has already showed his potential already, but now it is necessary to work on the improvement of the game.
Finally, we have to mention the transfer, by Manchester United, of James Maddinson. The English football player is a promising young player who can become a great player.

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