Tottenham’s Rose hints at leaving the club

Tottenham Hotspurs’ Rose has been linked with a move to the Premier League, but he has yet to make a decision.
The player has a contract with the club until the summer of 2016, but the new season is not far away.
Rose is a player who is loved by the fans, and he is also a good player, but it is clear that he has no desire to leave Tottenham.
He has already stated that he will not play for England, but will stay at the club and help the team to win gold medals.
However, the player will not be able to play for the first team, because he is still recovering from a serious injury.
If Rose decides to leave the club, then the club will have to find a replacement for him.
This is why it is very important for the club to keep the player, because the fans will not forgive the club if it does not do its best to bring him back.

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Tottenham Hotspur Fixtures
It has already been a busy season for Tottenham Hotspurt, and it is now the time for the team’s fixtures to be revealed.
In the Premier league, the Spurs are the second team from England, and they are now in the fight for the title.
They have already managed to win the first two matches, but now they will have a difficult time in the remaining matches.
These are the fixtures that will be revealed in the near future:
* on August 8, the team will play at home against Manchester United;
* at the same time, the club plays against Chelsea;
* on August 10, the players will play against Everton;
* on the same day, the Tottenham will play with Manchester City.
All these matches will be broadcast live on the website of the sports statistics, where you can find all the information about the matches that are held in different parts of the world.
Spurs’ Prospects in the Next Season
The team is now in a good shape, and the main goal of the team is to win a place in the Champions League zone.
Moreover, the fans of the club have already seen the results of the first matches, and now they can expect a lot from the Spurs.
It is now very important to win more points, because it is not only about the title of the champion, but also about the fight in the Europa League.
Now, the main task of the Spurs is to get into the Champions league zone. This is why the team has to win all the matches it is involved in.
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Football Results at 777score
The season of the English Premier league is coming to its end, and this is a good opportunity to see the results from the top clubs.
Of course, the most popular team of the season is Manchester City, but other teams also managed to make it to the Champions’ league zone and to the Europa league.
One of the teams that is expected to be the main contender for the champion title is Tottenham Hotspot.
At the moment, the Londoners are in a very good shape. They have already won the FA Cup and the EPL, and if they continue to perform in the Premier, then they will be able not only to win, but to do it in the most convincing way.
Main Intrigues of the Season
Of the main intrigue of the current season is the fact that the Spurs have already played in the FA cup, and in the next season they will play in the EFL Cup.
Another interesting thing is the Champions’ league, where the team of Mauricio Pochettino is expected not only not to lose points, but even to win.
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Football Results at the Sports Statistics Website
The Premier league has already started, and already the fans can see the main surprises that the team from London will have.
Among the most interesting teams are:
• Liverpool;
• Chelsea; and
• Manchester City
Of these teams, the first one has already won a lot, and Liverpool is the team that is the most likely to win in the current tournament.
On the other hand, Manchester City is in a bad shape, but if the team manages to win at the end of the championship, then it will be the favorite of the next tournament. The team of Josep Guardiola is also expected to make the most of the opportunity to participate in the European cups, and we will see how the season will end.
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Liverpool Fixtures at 777scores
The Merseysiders have already started the season, and their main task is to finish in the top 4.

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