Vardy’s wife says he will join Arsenal

The Gunners have been searching for a new goalkeeper for a long time, and they have finally found their man.
The player is Antoine Griezmann, who joined the club from Barcelona.
He is the second goalkeeper in the team, after Lukas Fabianski.
However, the Frenchman is not the only one who is getting closer to the club.
Arsenal has also signed the Brazilian goalkeeper, Jorginho.
This player has been playing for the club for a few years, and he is already a good goalkeeper.

The new goalkeeper will join the team in the summer, and the club is looking forward to the transfer of a new player.
After the departure of the previous goalkeeper, the team was not so confident.
But now, the situation has changed, and now the team has a new leader.
It is obvious that the club will try to get the best goalkeeper, who will be able to save the team from the danger.
In the summer the club has a lot of new players, so the new goalkeeper is expected to show his skills in the field.
And this is exactly what the Gunners need.
They are in the middle of the championship, and if the team can get a new star goalkeeper, they will be in a good shape.
At the moment, the club does not have a good selection of players, and it is difficult to get into the starting lineup.
Therefore, the Gunner’s management is trying to get a goalkeeper who is able to help the team to get to the next stage.
Thanks to the Internet, it is easy to follow the livescores of the matches of the club, and you will be the first to know about the changes in the standings.
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How to follow livescoring
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On it, you will find the results for the competitions of the teams, as the following:
* Champions League;
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* League 1;
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As for the Europa League, it’ll be interesting to follow its results. This tournament is held once every four years, so it is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the new coach.
Today, the main goal of the Gunnarsson’st is to win the Champions league.
Of course, this is not a simple task, but the team managed to achieve it, so they will try their best to win it once again.
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Latest information on sports statistics
The site of the analytics is the best place to learn all the latest information about sports.
Recently, the attention of fans has increased significantly, and here they can find the latest results from many championships.
Among them are:
1. Champions League.
2. Europa League.

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